Disney has Acquired 21st Century Fox’s Movie and TV Studios

Sometimes a deal is big enough to be considered landmark, like when Apple acquires Beats (or Shazam).

But then there are deals that are even bigger than that, and will change the landscape of an entire industry for the foreseeable future. One such deal has just happened, with Disney acquiring 21st Century Fox’s movie and film studios. The deal means Disney is buying these assets for over $52 billion.

In the deal, Disney is nabbing quite a few different entities under the film and TV banners. That includes 20th Century Fox, 20th Century Fox Television, cable networks owned by Fox including National Geographic and FX, and even international companies like Sky and Star TV.

If that wasn’t enough, Disney will also have a controlling stake in the streaming platform Hulu, taking over Fox’s 30 percent. That means Disney now owns 60 percent of Hulu.

On the other side of the deal, where intellectual property is concerned, this deal also means that Disney (which owns Marvel), will get the rights back to a variety of different characters that were under the Fox banner up to this point. That includes the X-Men and Fantastic Four. It also means that Disney owns the rights to the original Star Wars films as well, which Fox has owned the full distribution rights for years (and into perpetuity, barring sale of the company).

That streaming service that Disney is working on is also getting a big boost in content thanks to this deal, with shows like Buffy The Vampire Sale, Futurama, and many other shows and movies now available for Disney.

What do you think of this deal?

[via Disney]

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