Apple Tops Camera Popularity in Flickr 2017 Year in Review

Flickr has taken a yearly routine to showcase not only the most popular photos shared on the platform, but also point to the most popular devices to take those photos.

This year isn’t any different, with Flickr officially unveiling the “Top Devices of 2017” in a new blog post today. One of the most obvious trends for Flickr is the adoption of smartphones as a main device to snap photos while out in the wild. And that was certainly still the case this year, as Flickr says that smartphones accounted for 50 percent of photo uploads to Flickr throughout 2017. That’s up from 48% last year.

DSLR photography actually went up, too, rising to 33% this year, up from 28 percent last year. Point and shoot cameras, though, dropped significantly, now sitting at 12 percent, down from 28% the year prior. If you’ve got a mirrorless camera and you share on Flickr, you are part of the 4% — a percentage that hasn’t changed in three years, interestingly enough.

As far as devices go, the iPhone lineup led the charge and dominated the category, with the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, and even the iPhone 5s being the most popular devices to snap photos and share them on Flickr. Of all the brands sharing photos to the platform, Apple holds 54% of the market on its own, with Canon coming in with 23% and Nikon at 18%.

“When it comes to brands, Apple iPhones remained the dominant camera models, with 54% of the top 100 devices being named iPhone and an almost clean sweep of the top 10 Devices of 2017, accounting for 9 our of the top 10 devices. The Canon 5D Mark III placed 9th in the Top 10 Devices on Flickr of 2017. The iPhone6, iPhone6s, and iPhone5s were the most popular iPhone cameras respectively. Canon was the second largest brand used by photographers on Flickr, responsible for 23% of the top 100 devices. Nikon was the third most popular brand of 2017, with 18%.”

Flickr has also published a blog post entitled, “Top 25 Photos on Flickr in 2017” that were snapped all across the globe. There are some remarkable shots being shared, so it is definitely worth taking a look through via the source link below.

Do you still carry a standalone camera with you?

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