iFixit Drops Prices of Its DIY iPhone Battery Replacement Kits to $29 or Lower

iFixit, known for its teardowns and various repair kits, has effectively immediately reduced the price of all its DIY battery replacement kits for iPhones to $29 or less to price match Apple. The DIY kit from iFixit includes every possible tool you will need to pry open your iPhone and replace its battery.

While Apple’s discounted battery replacement program is only for the iPhone 6 and above, iFixit offers DIY battery replacement kits for all iPhones starting from the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5c, and the iPhone 5. Now, if you are wondering why you should not simply pay $29 to Apple to get your iPhone’s battery replaced instead of taking things in your own hands then iFixit has some points for you to consider. Firstly, it says that with its DIY kit, you don’t have to look for an Apple store nearest to you and then go and wait in a queue there just to get its battery replaced. Instead, you can do all that yourself from the comfort of your home and as an added bonus, its fun opening your iPhone to see its internals and how it works.

Interestingly, iFixit says that there has been a 3x increase in iPhone customers using their services to replace their phone’s battery.┬áIn its press release, iFixit also criticises Apple for leading the fight against the Rights to Repair legislation. As pointed out, the legislation would force Apple to directly sell its batteries to consumers and third-party repair shops.

The discounted battery replacement program from Apple will likely force third-party repair shops to also reduce their battery replacement charge for older iPhones. With this move, Apple is hoping to please its disappointed customers but that’s not going to prevent it from being the subject of many lawsuits and investigations.

[Via iFixit]

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