The Leagoo S9 Shamelessly Adopts the iPhone X’s Design

Apple introduced the iPhone X earlier this year, and, at the time, welcomed “the notch,” which equipped the front-facing TrueDepth camera system to facilitate things like Animoji and the arrival of the new biometric security measure Face ID.

The notch design is not only a means to support these new features, but also something that makes the iPhone X stand out. It is very distinct in its design. So when another company that isn’t Apple uses the same design cue, it more or less really stands out for all the wrong reasons. But that reality was ultimately inevitable, because some companies like to copy Apple in any way that they can.

The Chinese smartphone company Leagoo is one such company, apparently. Android Headlines got their hands on some leaked photos of the upcoming smartphone, which, as you can see for yourself, shamelessly adopts the iPhone X design. Both on the back of the handset and, yes, even the notch design on the front.

Unfortunately, the photos did not accompany information about specifications, but it’s likely that the Leagoo S9 is going to be a mid-range handset. The idea for most of these devices is that potential buyers might want the iPhone X, with that familiar design, but doesn’t want to spend the money Apple is requesting to get it.

And hey, the Leagoo S9 has a fingerprint scanner on the back. So there’s that.

[via Android Headlines]