LG Display Says Deal to Supply Apple with OLED Panels Still Not Finalised

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Rumors have so far pointed to LG Display supplying Apple with at least around 10 million OLED panels for the 2018 iPhone. However, a new report from Korea suggests that the deal between the two companies might not be final.

In a regulatory filing, LG said that its OLED supply deal with Apple for the iPhone X is yet to be finalised. Once the deal goes through, the company will make an announcement.

The OLED panel market is currently dominated by Samsung, with LG Display being the only potential contender. This has led to Google, Apple and other industry giants showing interest in LG Display as a potential supply partner for OLED panels for their future devices. However, LG Display currently does not have the resources or the technical skill to mass produce quality OLED panels for smartphones.

LG Display did supply OLED panels to Google this year for the bigger Pixel 2 XL but the display on the handset was marred by various issues including image retention, poor viewing angles and more.

Apple currently sources the panel used on the iPhone X from Samsung. The company wanted to make the switch to OLED panels on all three iPhone variants this year but could not do so due to the lack of supply. For next year, rumors point to Apple launching three new iPhones with two of them featuring bezel-less OLED displays. With Samsung’s OLED factories already working at their full capacity, Apple might have to once again change its plans if it does not find an alternate OLED supplier by next year.

LG has already announced that it intends to invest around 15 trillion won on setting up production lines for OLED panels for TVs and mobile phones over the next three years as it expects to see its sales increase by 2x within the next year itself.

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