Got a New iPhone for Christmas? Here’s How to Set It up and Start Using It

iPhone X Box

Did you find a brand new iPhone in your stocking stuffer? Congratulations! And welcome to a (new) world of iPhone and iOS (especially if you got an iPhone X!). As you’re ripping open the box and starting to boot up the iPhone, read our recommendation for the best way to setting up and using the new iPhone.

Use Automatic Setup


iOS 11 has a new feature called Automatic Setup. This lets you quickly transfer logins and data from your old phone to your new one. For this, your old phone needs to be running iOS 11. When you’re setting up your new phone, you’ll come across a Quick Start section. You’ll be signed into iCloud, Keychain, iTunes, the App Store, iMessage and FaceTime automatically.

Now, just bring your old iPhone near the new one. You’ll see a popup on the old iPhone asking if you set up the new one. Tap on Continue. Then use the new iPhone to scan the code on the old iPhone.

And just like that, the transfer will begin.

Our Recommended Setup

In iOS 11, Apple has shortened the setup process. And if you use the Automatic Setup feature, you’ll be able to skip even more screens.


You’ll find new Express Setup screens which let you quickly set multiple settings (Find my iPhone, Location settings, and analytics). Take note of the following settings.

iCloud Login: Your entire iOS life depends on iCloud. So make sure you login with your Apple ID. This will instantly sync all your passwords, history, photos and more.

Set up as a new device: If you want the stock experience, set up your iPhone as new. You’ll have to re-login and reinstall all your apps but it will also help you curb the app overload.

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Don’t Skip on Face ID or Touch ID

Set up Face ID Step 1

Depending on which iPhone you got, you’ll be asked to turn on some form of biometric authentication. Don’t skip on this. Enabling this feature will improve the security of your device drastically. To enable this feature later, go to Settings -> Touch ID/Face ID & Passcode.

Use iCloud Photo Library

No matter what size of iPhone you got, turn on iCloud Photo Library to make sure that all your photos and videos are backed up securely. Go to Settings -> Photos -> iCloud Photo Library.

Install Awesome Apps and Games

Best iPhone X Apps 9

Now that you have a new iPhone, it’s time to install awesome apps and games. The App Store is filled with great Reddit clients like Apollo, Podcast clients like Overcast, camera apps like Halide and much more. Find out about the best iPhone apps and games in our articles below.

Learn The Ropes

Now that your iPhone is all setup, there’s a whole new world of apps to explore (both stock and third party). Plus, if you’ve got the new iPhone X, you’ll need to learn about the new gestures as well. Get started learning all about iOS with our guides below.

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