Phil Schiller Talks About HomePod, iPhone X and a ‘Bad Week’ at Apple in Interview

Apple’s Phil Schiller has talked about the iPhone 8, iPhone X, HomePod and more in an interview with The Telegraph. He also talked about the “bad week” Apple had where major vulnerabilities and bugs were discovered in iOS, macOS and HomeKit.

Phil begins the interview by talking and praising Apple’s 2017 iPhone lineup, including the iPhone 8. He says that the iPhone 8 is a “new-generation phone” as they have “done every year.” As for the iPhone X, the Cupertino company wanted to “create something that was even more aggressive, even more of a departure from where iPhone had been going and that’s iPhone X. It’s something we haven’t offered that way before but it’s worked really well.”

Schiller also addresses the point of Apple’s iPhone lineup becoming too convoluted. He says that older devices like the iPhone SE exists in the company’s lineup because it is still able to meet the demand of certain consumers out there. When pressed about an impending iPhone SE refresh, Schiller said he could not “make any statements about the future.”

The SVP also addressed the HomePod delay whose release has been pushed back to early 2018 as Apple wants a bit more time to work on the Siri-powered smart speaker. He says that some companies are ready to release products in the market even if they know it is not ready and will fail initially. Apple, however, cares a lot “about the quality of the things we want to put out there and so if it’s not ready it’s not ready yet.”

When pressed about the slew of major bugs and exploits being reported in macOS, iOS and HomeKit all within a week, Schiller chalked it to a “bad week.” However, he says that the team is going to audit everything and “look carefully at the process and do some soul-searching” so as to ensure this does not happen again.

[Via The Telegraph]

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