Poll: What Do You Think of Apple Slowing down Older iPhones to Manage Ageing Batteries?

Apple iPhone 6s

In a statement issued earlier today, Apple finally confirmed what has long been suspected: it does slow down older iPhones intentionally through software updates. The reasoning behind this from Apple is to prevent “high power draw peaks” which can lead to shutdowns and other issues on iPhones with older batteries.

From a technical viewpoint, Apple’s move does make a lot of sense. As Lithium-ion batteries degrade, their performance also degrades and they become less capable of supplying their peak current. If no ceiling is put on the performance of the chipset to account for the older batteries, the iPhone in question would randomly shut itself down due to this. Apple had first introduced this feature with the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE and has extended it to the iPhone 7 with iOS 11.2. It also plans on adding support for its newer iPhones in the future.

The problem is, Apple was not transparent about this move. Many iPhone owners must be feeling cheated right now as they must have ended up upgrading to a newer iPhone model once their older model slowed down. However, instead of spending on a new iPhone, they could have easily replaced the battery of their older iPhone to restore its performance to its full capacity at a far lower cost. In a perfect world, Apple should ideally replace the batteries of all affected iPhones for free. After all, the company is promising a certain degree of performance when it first launches a new iPhone and then proceeds to reduce it with a software update in the future.

Alternatively, Apple should have also informed users that it is slowing down their phone due to the poor health of their battery and perhaps provide them with an option to actually disable it. This way, owners of older iPhones can get the battery on their device replaced to restore it back to its optimum performance instead of buying a new iPhone or just using the device as it is.

This brings us to the topic of today’s poll: What do you think about this move from Apple about slowing down older iPhones due to battery issues without informing users whatsoever? Do you think the company took the right step here?