‘Rainbrow’ Is an iPhone X Game That Lets You Score Points Using Your Eyebrows


Ever since Apple announced ARKit, a lot of promising new apps and games were envisioned. “Rainbrow” is one such game which lets you control the game using only your eyebrows. The game is designed for the iPhone X and leverages the TrueDepth camera system onboard the device.

The game is designed by Nathan Gitter, who is a computer science graduate from Washington University. As you can see from the demo below, the gameplay is pretty simple, and the user is required to mimic the emoji mentioned on the screen to score points. There will be obstacles on your path as well, making it quite tricky to handle the movement of the emoji.

The motions of your eyebrow control the emoji’s movement, and it’s pretty self explanatory once you check out the screenshot. The game, as addictive as it is, can get a little irritating sometimes, especially when your eyebrows are strained. Nevertheless, this goes to show the innovation and ideas that are coming through thanks to ARKit and the iPhone X.

Rainbrow requires the user to allow access to the front camera. The game accesses the face depth information from the iPhone X camera, although it is only used for the duration of the gameplay and saved on the device locally, quelling any fears pertaining to privacy.

Rainbrow is a free game on the iTunes App Store and already has a handful of positive reviews on social media. The developer has mentioned that he might add more emoji in the future, with the possibility of monetizing the app via in-app purchases. Given the addictive nature of this game, this doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

Download → Rainbrow from the iTunes App Store

[Via MacRumors]

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