Some Sprint Customers Running Into Issues With Wi-Fi Calling in iOS 11.2

Apple recently launched iOS 11.2 to the public, and while it was meant to not only add features, but also fix some issues, it looks like it might be causing more issues for some users.

Some Sprint customers running iOS 11.2 on their device(s) are apparently having issues with Wi-Fi Calling. A growing number of discussions are cropping up across the internet, from Apple’s own support communities, to Sprint’s forums, Reddit, and other social media platforms. Those conversations have been going on since iOS 11.2 launched to the public earlier this month.

This is not an issue that is relegated to just one model, either, according to the varying reports. If the iPhone can support Wi-Fi Calling, and it has iOS 11.2 installed, then the issue is likely to crop up. That means the iPhone 6 all the way up to the iPhone X may run into this issue. It has also been noted that affected handsets are running carrier version 31.0, which could also have something to do with the issue.

As far as the main contributor, it remains unknown as to why these devices are being afflicted. The users are saying Wi-Fi Calling just doesn’t work at all in most cases, while others say they’ve had shoddy performance across the board, even if the feature does technically work in some instances.

There does not appear to be a clear fix. The standard troubleshooting attempts have been tried by those affected, including turning the phone off and on, turning Wi-Fi Calling off and on, and even resting the carrier’s network settings on the device. For those that need Wi-Fi Calling and are willing to downgrade, many users have pointed out that going back to iOS 11.1.2 (the previous public version before the iOS 11.2 update) has seen positive changes, where Wi-Fi Calling starts working again.

Sprint appears to be collecting data on the issue now, and it has apparently tried to fix the problem already. However, while it may have improved performance for some, many are still unable to use the feature at all.

Are you seeing this issue at all on your Sprint device?

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