Supply Chain Sources Suggest Component Demand for the iPhone X Coming Down Significantly

iPhone X Notch on Home screen 2

As the iPhone X shipping times come down from 3-4 weeks to 1-2 weeks, a new report mentions how the component demand for the iPhone X could be coming down. It is believed that this could significantly cut down the iPhone X sales forecast over the next couple of months. The report claims that Apple’s component orders were nearly 30% lower in November than initially predicted.

Further, one of Apple’s component suppliers – Largan Precision – saw a revenue growth of only 0.05% in November, with the company expecting to see a bigger dip in December and early 2018. Apple is expected to keep the iPhone X forecast for Jan-Feb 2018 to be on par with November. However, by March 2018, the figure is expected to decline significantly. This is troubling for Apple given the demand it has seen for the flagship so far.

Apple’s key component suppliers Catcher Technology and General Interface Solution also saw a fall in revenues, mostly due to the reduced component demand. Sources however believe that the Q1 2018 iPhone shipments will be better than it was in the same period this year (Q1 2017).

Some analysts claim that prospective buyers maybe waiting for an upgraded version of the iPhone X next year with Apple expected to launch a 6-inch successor to the flagship. This report comes from independent sources from within the supply chain, so they cannot be confirmed at the moment. However, given the fact that the iPhone X is pretty hard to come by in most regions, a dip in shipments doesn’t sound too far fetched.

[Via Digitimes]