Twelve South Introduces HiRise Pro for the iMac Pro and Displays

Twelve South is one of the most popular accessory makers for Apple products out there, and they’ve just introduced a brand new handy stand for iMacs and external displays.

Today, Twelve South introduced the HiRise Pro, which will work well under the iMac Pro that Apple just announced will go up for order beginning Thursday, December 14. According to the company, the HiRise Pro will work with any iMac currently sold by Apple (and the model soon to be sold) and a variety of displays.

“HiRise Pro is a beautiful, modern stand that boosts your iMac, iMac Pro, or external display, to one of four height variations for reduce neck strain while working. To reduce desk clutter, the all metal stand doubles as a gear garage for hiding your wallet, AirPods, hubs and hard drives. This sturdy stand includes a double sided gunmetal / walnut grille so to fit seamlessly into any setup design. HiRise Pro is the stand worthy of supporting all current iMacs, the new iMac Pro and high-end 4K / 5K displays (with a base width of 10-inches or less).”

The HiRise lineup of storage stands has been a longstanding member of the Twelve South lineup, and this latest model offers even more storage and a new finish. It also offers the ability to change the iMac Pro or display’s height, which can make it easier to see depending on your desk’s setup. Here are the major bullet points:

  • Height adjustable stand for iMac and displays
  • Internal storage for hard drives, personal items or excess cable
  • Padded leather top valet for items like iPhone, keys, etc.

There are a four shelves that can serve as a quick storage option, and a door that will allow access to those items or block them from view. The stand offers users to adjust the iMac or display up to 3.54 inches when it is placed on the top. The “Gunmetal steel” matches Apple’s own Space Gray color variant.

The HiRise Pro is priced at $149.99 and it’s available to order right now. There is free shipping in the United States.

[via Twelve South]

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