‘weMessage’ Brings iMessages to Android; Requires a Mac to Work

Android developers have tried numerous times to bring iMessage to Android through reverse engineering and other hacks. This time around, developer Roman has taken a slightly different approach to bring iMessage to Android, though his attempt is also likely to meet the same fate.

There is one pre-requisite to using the app though: you must already own a Mac. weMessage has two parts: the first one is weServer that needs to be installed on a Mac. It acts as a “bridge” between your Mac and your Android device and will forward all messages to the weMessage app installed on your smartphone. The app makes use of Apple’s developer tools and the Accessibility feature of the Mac platform to achieve this.

weMessage works by using Apple’s developer tools that hook into the Messages app, as well as by turning on Accessibility features that will perform the message sending. There was zero reverse engineering involved in the creation of this app, so all messages being sent are legitimate. In addition, I believe this implementation is fair, as you still need to have an Apple device to use iMessage, but it is merely being extended to all devices.

The app supports all major iMessage features like direct messages, group text support, send/receive attachments and more. All messages forwarded from the weServer to the weMessage app are also encrypted for proper security.

The developer says that since this method does not violate any EULAs or include any kind of reverse engineering, it won’t stop working if Apple fixes any exploit or removes any hidden feature. Despite this though, weMessage is unlikely to continue working for long with Apple likely forcing the developer to take down his app. The developer says that even if that happens, the app will continue to work, though notifications and crash reporting will be affected. Until Apple takes down the app though, you can continue enjoying iMessage on your Android.

Download: weMessage

[Via r/Android]

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