Workouts++ Adds Support for Podcasts, Location Tracking, and Swimming Workouts

David Smith has just announced that his workout app, Workout++, has been updated to bring in new, oft-requested features.

Smith unveiled the changes coming to Workout++ 2.0 yesterday in a blog post. According to the developer, this new version of the app is the “full realization” of the initial idea, and can finally see the light of day thanks to the launch of watchOS 4.0 earlier this year. And, if new features aren’t enough, Smith also announced that Workout++ is now totally free, which should be good news for anyone who doesn’t want to buy a workout app.

So, here are the new additions. First, support for listening to podcasts right from the Apple Watch. You can transfer them ahead of time with the iPhone app, or you can download them directly to the Apple Watch. In addition to that, the new Workout++ also supports location tracking, which means you can get information regarding the route you ran, and it can even track your elevation.

Finally, Smith added support for tracking your swimming sessions:

“By far the most requested feature with version 1.0 of Workouts++ was swim workout support. This is now possible in watchOS 4. I’m not a big swimmer myself (just one step up from lightly drowning), but I have been able to work with a few fine beta testers who are, and I think the result is really nice. During your workout you can display things like your length/lap count2, as well as use the High/Low Heart Rate graph to display your stroke history right on your wrist.”

And if that wasn’t enough, here’s a quick bullet list of what else has joined the new Workout++ app:

  • Display of V02 Max values
  • Siri integration (e.g. “Start Outdoor Walking workout in Workouts”)
  • Redesigned custom workout configuration system
  • Redesigned workout detail display
  • Dark mode
  • Added Stopwatch, Round counter, Average pace/speed and Activity ring metrics for display during workout
  • Added Distance and Duration Alerts

Workout++ 2.0 is now available to download. A link to do just that is available below if you want to give it a go.


  • Workout++ — Free

[via David Smith]