The 18K Gold Limited Edition Bentley iPhone X is For the Obscenely Rich

At $999, the iPhone X is already pretty expensive. Not to forget, the 256GB iPhone X carries an even higher price tag of $1,199. Well, if you are exorbitantly rich and find the iPhone X’s price tag a bit too low for your liking, worry not. Bentley has made a special edition iPhone X featuring 18K karat gold on its rear glass and the ring surrounding the rear camera. 

Bentley has also displaced the Apple logo at the rear of the handset with its own logo which does look pretty rad. The rear glass also has some patterns running through it in a bid to likely spice up its design.

There’s not much known about this iPhone X Bentley edition except that only 100 units were produced. The handset is not listed for sale on Bentley’s website so you can presumably get your hands on one if you buy a Bentley car. That’d definitely give you a boasting right though — buying a whole damn car just to get your hands on a Bentley edition iPhone X.

What do you think about the iPhone X Bentley Edition? If you had the moolah, would you have purchased one?