Another HomePod Hands-On Praises The Speaker’s Sound Quality

Ahead of HomePod pre-orders going live later today, a new hands-on experience with the smart speaker has been posted by Lance Ulanoff. Similar to the previous hands-on of the HomePod that we read from Refinery29, Lance praises the HomePod for its sound quality.

Lance had also heard the HomePod when Apple had first unveiled it at WWDC 2017. Listening to it again now in a much more complete form and in various scenarios, he notes that the sound quality is better than Google Home Max — which is larger than the HomePod — and the Sonos One. He says the “separation of sounds and fidelity to original instrumentation is astonishing” on the HomePod. He also notes that the bass notes on HomePod are deep and resonant.

Coming to Siri, Ulanoff says that Apple has updated Siri to make it smarter on the HomePod — at least when it comes to asking queries related to music since that’s what most HomePod users will end up using it for. In addition, you can also use Siri on the HomePod to trigger scenes created in the Home app of your iPhone or iPad, send messages to your friends or family, check on the news and weather, and more.

HomePod’s Siri integration works just as you would expect it to. You can ask Siri the latest news and it will launch a news brief from one of your favorite sources (CNN, Fox News, NPR). The white glowing spot on top of HomePod lets you know it’s listening. It has your weather update and can tell you if you need an umbrella. Siri has access to your reminders, so you can build a shopping list by talking to Siri.

With the HomePod scheduled to go on pre-order later today, expect more hands-on posts of the speaker going live in the next few hours and days.

[Via Lance Ulanoff]