Apple Faces French Criminal Probe over Alleged Slowing down of iPhones Every Year

Apple iPhone 6s

French customers and Apple fans have filed a criminal complaint against Apple for slowing down features of the iPhone each year. This comes as the company recently admitted and subsequently apologized for slowing down iPhones. Apple was even slapped with a class action lawsuit in the U.S. after the news broke out.

French authorities opened an investigation on the 5th of January over allegations of “programmed obsolescence” and “deceit”. The complaint was officially filed by HOP, which is a consumer and environmental protection association. The lawyer representing HOP, Emile Meunier, urged Apple to compensate the users accordingly and stop these practices. He further said that he will share detailed statements from the clients with the investigators.

France appears to be a breeding ground for customer protection rights with Seiko Epson Corp currently facing similar allegations in the region. South Korea famously considered probing Apple over alleged battery shutdowns of the iPhone 6s.

The entire issue has garnered a lot of attention on social media and with French citizens now teaming up, it seems like the heat isn’t going to die down anytime soon. While Apple has already apologized over its recent admission, things aren’t looking good for the company. Apple’s PR department has taken a significant hit since the admission. It is widely alleged that Apple slows down older iPhones every year to force customers into buying newer products each year.

[Via Bloomberg]

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