Apple Will Fix the ‘chaiOS’ iMessage Bug in a Software Update Next Week

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It was recently discovered that sending a specific link in an iMessage could do some pretty annoying damage to a recipient’s device.

It was dubbed “chaiOS” at the time by Abraham Masri, who discovered the issue. Unlike previous bugs of this nature, just getting sent the specific link in the iMessage was enough to freeze the recipient’s iPhone, and, more often than not, force a respring altogether. The person who received the link didn’t even have to click it or visit the corresponding GitHub page to have their phone suffer the consequences.

The bug can also affect macOS, thanks to its own iMessage support. The damage there can be even more annoying to remedy. The bug has been confirmed to work on iOS 10 all the way up to the fifth beta of iOS 11.2.5. It hasn’t been confirmed if it works in the sixth beta of iOS 11.2.5, which was released yesterday.

It’s a pretty big issue, considering the link just needs to be sent in an iMessage and the recipient doesn’t need to do anything after that to feel the effects. As such, BuzzFeed has confirmed with Apple that the company will fix the bug in a software update to iOS that will arrive next week.

“Apple confirmed a fix is coming in a software update next week.”

That timeframe suggests the fix is part of iOS 11.2.5.

Our Take

This sort of thing is really annoying, especially considering there are plenty of people out there that will just send this sort of message “for fun”. Still, it’s good to see Apple already has a fix on the way, and it’s arriving next week.

[via BuzzFeed]