Apple Hires Team from Silicon Valley Data Science Startup

Bloomberg report claims that Apple has hired a few dozen employees from the consulting firm Silicon Valley Data Science to help analytics data improve its advertising which includes optimising App Store ads. 

The company hired around 20 employees from Silicon Valley Data Science in December and January. The California-based startup provides businesses with advisory services, data engineering, and data science services for improving customer retention and conversion rates, increasing revenue, and more.

One of the employees hired by Apple includes founder and CEO of Silicon Valey Data Science, Sanjay Mathur, who now leads the strategy and analytics initiatives at Apple.

Since the majority of the Silicon Valley Data Science employees left in December, including its CEO, the company stopped offering its services to customers and shut itself down the same month.

It is likely that Apple will use the expertise of the employees hired from Silicon Valley Data Science to improve its ad targeting, optimise App Store ads, and more. This, in turn, will benefit advertisers and developers who make use of the company’s ad services for promoting their products. The move will also benefit Apple’s enterprise customers

[Via Bloomberg]

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