You’ll Now Need an Apple ID to Check Your AppleCare Warranty Coverage [Update: That Didn’t Last Long]

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An important change is being rolled out by Apple right now, which will impact second-hand buyers of Apple products the most.

Update: Well, it looks like Apple has decided to just go ahead and change the layout of the warranty page, and not actually restrict looking up warranty information behind the Apple ID requirement. Apple has already changed the page back, and you no longer need an Apple ID to check on the warranty/service status of an Apple product.

Up to this point, anyone could check the warranty and repair status of an Apple product by just inputting the IMEI or serial number of the product on Apple’s official warranty coverage site. This was especially useful for folks who were buying, or getting, Apple products from someone else, and not directly from Apple. However, a new change sees the requirement of an Apple ID, associated with a specific device or devices, being rolled out.

The old URL ( will now redirect visitors to the official Apple My Support portal, which you will then be able to access with an Apple ID. Once you sign in you will be able to enter a serial number for your devices to check the service and support coverage. There will also be a list of supported devices, making it easy to find what you’re looking for.

If you have devices that aren’t signed up for AppleCare+ yet, Apple will also have a list of those devices which are still eligible, and a handy way of seeing how many days are left to sign up.

This will make it harder for second-hand buyers (and receivers) to check on a device ahead of a sale. For those who have an Apple ID, however, and just want a simple and quick way to check up on the warranty/service of their device(s), the new change should make that easier, at least.

Our Take

This is a pain for those who are buying Apple devices from other folks and not directly from the company, but the methodology to check up on the warranty of a device wasn’t perfect, either. A person who planned on being fraudulent could easily apply for AppleCare+ on the device they were selling so that it looked like it was covered, and then cancel (and get the price refunded) the plan after selling the device.

However, for Apple customers who have their devices attached to their Apple ID, the new warranty coverage checker is pretty nice, and it’s definitely quick.

[via Apple]

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