Apple Notes and iWork Sharing Feature Facing iCloud Outage

If you are using the sharing feature with either Apple’s Notes app, or the suite of iWork apps, but running into an inability to actually share anything, you aren’t alone.

Several users have expressed their frustration that the sharing feature for both Apple Notes and iWork apps is not working, and now Apple’s official system status page has reflect that there is indeed an outage in this particular iCloud feature. In each of the cases, the outage apparently started at 7:00 AM ET, and it is affecting “some users,” but that’s about all the details Apple is giving on the situation itself.

As for what it might break, per Apple:

“Some users are affected

Users may be unable to share new files or add people to shared files.”

This is likely going to get fixed soon enough, but the fact it has been lingering for the majority of the morning has probably left many users frustrated. The system status page does also say that the problem is ongoing, but it doesn’t give any kind of estimated time for when it will get fixed.

As it stands right now, these two services are the only iCloud or Apple services that are seeing any kind of outage. At least based on the system status page, at least.

Are you experiencing any issues (if you’re using Apple Notes or iWork)?

Our Take

It has been a bit of time since Apple iCloud faced any kind of outage, which was a nice break from what felt like a semi-continuous issue for a variety of different Apple’s cloud-based services. While this might be on the smaller side of issues, it can still be frustrated, so one has to hope that it will get patched up quickly.

[via Apple]

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