Apple’s Internal Memo Clarifies iPhone 6 or Later Are Eligible For Battery Replacement Despite Passing Diagnostic Tests

Apple has issued a new internal memo for its retail stores where it clarifies that the discounted iPhone battery replacement program is available for the iPhone 6 and above even if it passes the company’s diagnostic test. This means that even if your iPhone 6, iPhone 6s or iPhone 7’s battery is able to hold at least 80 percent of its original capacity, the company will replace it for you. 

Initial user reports from Reddit and other Apple forums suggested that Genius Bar in Apple Store were refusing battery replacement for customers whose iPhone batteries were still in healthy condition. Nonetheless, now that Apple has issued a clarification internally, the whole process should be relatively hassle-free. Do note here that an Apple store can still refuse battery replacement for your old iPhone if there are signs of extensive physical damage to its chassis or water damage.

The discounted battery replacement program will lead to hoards of iPhone owners visiting their nearest Apple store or authorized service center for a battery replacement. And with this move, Apple is ensuring that its already frustrated and angry customers are not pissed off further.

Additionally, Apple is asking customers to contact it for a refund who paid $79 to get the battery of their iPhone replaced within the last 30 days.

Apple has promised to roll out a software update in early 2018 which would provide iPhone owners with more details about the health of the battery inside their phone. Apple has received a lot of criticism for its poor communication and not making it clear that its power management featured would slow down older iPhones due to their degraded batteries. In case you missed the whole fiasco, make sure to read our FAQ on it here.

[Via iGeneration]

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