Apple’s WebKit Team Launches Speedometer 2.0 with Numerous Improvements

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Apple has released the second iteration of Speedometer, which is a tool designed to test the web app responsiveness. Apple launched Speedometer in 2014, and this new version comes with a handful of changes on board to help the developers test their browser engines.

Speedometer 2.0 is capable of running 480 tasks in a browser window using a combination of multiple technologies. The idea is to determine how long each of these tests take, and offer a detailed report to the user. This updated version of Speedometer has come at the right time as browser technologies have evolved dramatically since 2o14. Speedometer 2.0 also changes the way some of these tests are calculated.

This new tool includes support for ES2015, new JavaScript APIs and libraries, Babel, TypeScrpt, Elm and PureScript, and several others. Any user can run Speedometer 2.0 at to test the feasibility of their browser engines. Further, Apple has detailed all the new changes at the website.

From the WebKit page – “Over the last three years, a growing number of real-world sites have been written using React — a JavaScript library for authoring user interfaces. Derivatives such as Preact and Inferno have also gained popularity. Speedometer 2.0 includes web apps implemented using these libraries. It also includes an entry using React and Redux — a popular state management library.”


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