Brazilian Agency is Demanding Apple Provide Detailed Instructions for Consumers to Replace iPhone Batteries

Apple is offering a limited-time option for older iPhone owners to replace the battery in their iPhones, and while it has detailed that initiative already, some regions want more information.

Reuters reports today that the São Paulo state agency Procon-SP, which deals with consumer protections, is demanding that Apple pass on even more detailed information on how consumers can go about getting the battery exchanged in their iPhone model. At this point, Procon-SP has “notified Apple that it has 10 days to provide the information.” If Apple doesn’t respond to the demand within the timeframe, the agency could level fines and take other legal actions against Apple.

“A Brazilian state agency responsible for consumer issues notified Apple on Wednesday that it must explain how Brazilian owners of iPhones will be able to buy battery replacements at lower prices.

Procon-SP, an agency in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil’s richest and most populous, said in a statement it notified Apple that it has 10 days to provide the information.

The agency said Apple employees refused to sign the notification, but Procon considered the company notified.”

Procon-SP isn’t looking for more detailed information across the board, but rather aiming to get more explicit details for Brazilian customers.

As for the customers in Brazil who want to get the battery in their iPhone replaced, you can check up with the support page right here.

Our Take

It’s good that a consumer agency is going to bat for the consumers, but this doesn’t sound like it will go anywhere other than Apple providing specific information for Brazilian customers. Then again, that is the point Procon-SP is going for, so I guess that would be a good thing.

[via Reuters]