Chinese Consumer Group Latest to Seek Answers from Apple for Slowing down Older iPhones

A Chinese consumer group, Shanghai Consumer Council, is the latest to be added to the list of government regulatory bodies seeking questions from Apple over slow down of older iPhones due to degrading batteries.

The said Chinese consumer group has asked Apple for “an explanation for the slowdown” and demanded that their questions be answered by this Friday. It also asks Apple how it plans to rectify the issue.

In a letter to Apple on Monday, the council requested an explanation for the slow-down and information about what Apple planned to do to rectify the problem, Xinhua reported.

The Shanghai Consumer Council is not owned by the government, though it is approved by the Chinese authorities. It is unclear what powers the consumer council has so as to take action against Apple in this case.

Interestingly, the council revealed that it received 2,615 complaints against Apple for its products and services in 2017 compared to 964 complaints in 2015.

Apple is already the subject of over 40+ lawsuits for slowing down older iPhones and not being clear about this whole matter with its customers.

The Korea Communications Commissions, Halte à I’Obsolescence Programmée consumer group from France, and a U.S. Commerce Committee chairman have also sent letters to Apple asking it to explain its move of slowing down older iPhones.

The revelation from Apple last month that it slows down older iPhones due to their aging batteries has not gone down well with consumers. Many of them are frustrated and feeling betrayed due to Apple’s decision to not clearly communicate to consumers that their iPhone will slow down over time but its original performance can be restored after installing a new battery in it.

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[Via Reuters]