Google Arts & Culture App Makes Its Way to the Top of the App Store Charts Thanks to a New Facial Recognition Feature

Google - Arts & Culture

The Google Arts & Culture app has been around for a while now. However, it was barely noticed by the users given that it was a simple app aimed at helping art enthusiasts discover new and existing art from Google’s vast repository of images compiled from museums and other sources. It has now skyrocketed to the top of the App Store, largely due to the addition of an experimental feature that helps you find your art lookalike.

This feature can be spotted at the bottom of the app under the section “Is your portrait in a museum?”. This feature prompts the users to take a selfie from within the app (permissions required), following which it scans its databases to look for a closest match using AI and facial recognition algorithms.

Word has spread around on social media with several users and even celebrities posting screenshots, which has led the app to the top of the App Store charts.

Unfortunately, the feature is only available for American users right now, although there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be expanded to other regions shortly. Bear in mind that this is only an experimental feature introduced last month, so it’s likely that it won’t be around for long.

If you haven’t tried out the feature yet, be sure to check out the app from the link below.

Download → Google Arts & Culture app from the App Store

[Via MacRumors]

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