Apple HomePod Will be Updated Over-the-Air Through the Home App

Unlike the Apple Watch, which has a dedicated app specifically for the device, the HomePod will be an accessory that gets its support from the standard Home app.

That was revealed not too long ago, when the settings for the upcoming smart speaker were revealed. And now, 9to5Mac has revealed how the HomePod will handle updates. The future over-the-air (OTA) updates will be handled through the Home app. The HomePod is running a version of iOS and handles itself to how an iOS device would, without a display.

As such, it is expected that HomePod updates will fall right alongside future iOS updates as well. For testers out in the wild who have been using the HomePod ahead of its public laugh, the last HomePod update was launched with iOS 11.2.5, which launched earlier this year. Apple is currently beta testing iOS 11.3, but that version of the operating system will likely not be ready for the February 9 launch of the HomePod, so it is likely that the smart speaker will be running the variant version of iOS 11.2.5.

To handle the updates themselves, users will need to open the Home app and access the HomePod just like any other HomeKit-enabled accessories they might have in their home. The original report also indicates that the HomePod will have an option to switch on automatic updates, a feature that the Apple TV also has.

Our Take

Nothing too surprising here. Honestly, it’s good that Apple isn’t launching another standalone app for a specific device. While Apple has never really been blamed for too much bloatware on iOS devices out of the box, it’s good to see they aren’t working in that direction with specific apps fo their accessories.

Are you planning on picking up a HomePod?

[via 9to5Mac]