iOS 12 Concept Envisions Grouped Notifications, Lock Screen Widgets, and More

Now that Apple is previewing iOS 11.3, what better time is there to look ahead and dream about what iOS 12 might offer?

Ascending News, via their Instagram page, has put together several different images of what they think iOS 12 could bring to the table later this year. There isn’t anything too crazy in the vision, even if there are plenty of Android-styled adoptions. The craziest idea might be that iOS 12 should bring widgets to the main home screen, and not just hide them away in the Notifications Shade or on the dedicated widgets panel to the left of the first home screen.

The iOS 12 concept also envisions grouped notifications, which has been an oft-requested feature for iOS for quite some time now. There are other worthwhile ideas here, including lock screen complications — like an easy way to see the weather. There is a more advanced way to handle built-in storage and cloud storage, Guest Mode, and a Battery Saver mode that utilizes a grayscale option for the display.

You can head through the source link at the bottom of this post to see more of the concept images for iOS 12. Do any of the ideas pop out to you? What else would you like to see Apple bring to the table for the next major version of their mobile operating system?

Our Take

It’s always fun to look at what people come up with for Apple’s hardware and software, getting a slight twist on the standard narrative. Of course, it gets real fun when Apple announces those new things and we can compare and contrast. As far as these particular concept images, the only issue this writer can see is with the grouped notifications. The idea itself is great, but in this particular instance there is so much space that grouping the notifications together doesn’t seem to do any real good.

Still, most of these ideas are pretty great, so it will be interesting to see if any of them see the light of day in an official release.

[via 9to5Mac; Ascending News]