Pokémon GO Will End Support for Apple Devices That Are ‘Not Capable of Upgrading to iOS 11’

If you have an older iPhone, say an iPhone 5 or an iPhone 5c, and have been enjoying playing Pokémon GO, that time is creeping to an end.

Recently, Niantic, the developer behind the popular augmented reality-based game, has confirmed that it will soon stop support for devices that can’t run iOS 11. That includes all models of Apple-branded devices that can’t be upgraded to iOS 11. According to the developer, the reason behind the change is the fact that the abilities of Pokémon GO are simply too much for the older devices, and push them beyond their capabilities.

The cut-off date for this is February 28, 2018. After that date, the devices that don’t support iOS 11 will be removed from the supported devices list. As such, owners of those devices will no longer be able to access their PokéCoins, or any item(s) in their bags for that matter. Players on those devices will not be able to access their Pokémon GO accounts, either.

“In an upcoming update to Pokémon GO, we will end support for Apple devices not capable of upgrading to iOS 11, such as iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c models. This change is a result of improvements to Pokémon GO that push the application beyond the capabilities of the operating systems on such devices. This change will take effect on 02/28/2018. After that date, Trainers using affected devices may no longer be able to access their Pokémon GO accounts from that device, or use their PokéCoins or other items in their Bags.”

As for the devices that are no longer supported, here they are:

  • iPhone 5c, released 2013
  • iPhone 5, released 2012
  • 4th-Gen iPad, released late-2012
  • 3rd-Gen iPad, released early 2012
  • 1st-Gen iPad mini, released late-2012
  • iPad 2, released 2011

Our Take

This is a sudden announcement, and yet, considering the fact that Niantic recently launched AR+ Mode, which takes full advantage of ARKit and iOS 11, it may not be too surprising in the grand scheme of things. Niantic continues to push the game forward, and it will continue to add features that probably push the platform, and take advantage of ARKit.

If you own one of the devices on the list, do you play Pokémon GO?

[via Niantic]

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