Poll: Do You Plan to Pre-Order Apple’s HomePod?

Seven months after its initial unveiling, Apple has finally announced a pre-order and release date for the HomePod. The Siri-powered smart speaker will go on pre-orders this Friday while it hit the retail stores on February 9 in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. 

With a price tag of $349, the HomePod is not particularly cheap and significantly more expensive than offerings from Google and Amazon. However, given how Apple boasts about the speaker quality of the HomePod, I’m expecting it to deliver sound quality that is more in line with other more expensive speakers out there and way ahead of speakers from Google and Amazon.

However, that still does not justify the $349 price tag of the HomePod. Not everyone is going to be interested in splurging $349 on a Siri-powered smart speaker which is functionally less capable than its competitors. Worse, multi-room audio and stereo speaker support for the HomePod have been delayed until later this year which makes the smart speaker less enticing for potential customers who were looking to buy it for its outstanding music quality. Not to forget, the HomePod will only be available in the United States, the UK, and Australia at launch, with a launch in France and Germany scheduled for spring 2018.

But then, like with almost every other product that Apple unveils, HomePod is going to find its own share of buyers despite its relative lack of features compared to its competition. Are you going to be one of them? If yes, what makes you so attracted to the HomePod? Is it the promised sound quality? Or the Siri integration? Take part in our poll below and drop a comment to let us know.