Spotify Launches a New Multimedia Format Called ‘Spotlight’ to Enhance Podcasts and More

Spotify continues to look for ways to add new features to its stable, so that it can keep its millions of subscribers, but also hopefully keep drawing in new customers, too.

Today sees the launch of what the company calls “Spotlight.” According to Spotify this is a brand new multimedia format, which aims to add visual elements to certain formats that might not have featured that sort of content before. Specifically, this new format will be present on podcasts and audiobooks, among other avenues of content.

These are new shows that will be available in specific playlists, ranging from politics, entertainment, and general news. They will include text, video, and photos. One example of how it will work, is a podcast with a visual element added to it will have that video play on the left side of the app. The overall aesthetic of Spotify isn’t changing with the addition of Spotlight.

Right now, Spotify is launching with its own original content on board, including Spotify Singles. However, the company is also working with its longstanding partners, including BuzzFeed News, Cheddar, Crooked Media, Genius, and others, to work with this new multimedia format.

Spotify will be adding new content on a semi-regular basis, along with new partners as well.

Our Take

Spotify has its eyes set on original content, but that effort has been pushed to the background for now, so it makes sense that it would want to keep mixing things up a bit. Adding visual elements to podcasts, audiobooks, and more is a nice spin, so it will be interesting to see how well it catches on with the Spotify listening base.

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