Sprint iPhone 8 and iPhone X Owners Report Voice Over LTE Working for them

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Sprint seems to be working on bringing Calling Plus support on the iPhone X and iPhone 8. Dubbed Calling Plus, the feature allows one to make calls whilst also being able to use data.

Since Sprint has a CDMA network, the feature was not available on its legacy network. However, with LTE, it is possible for one to make calls and use data simultaneously. But for some reason though, Sprint has limited Calling Plus/VoLTE support to only selected Android devices.

Now, as per a tip sent to us by one of our readers, Sprint seems to be testing VoLTE calls on the iPhone X at least in the Miami airport area. With VoLTE, our reader was able to browse the internet over LTE while still being on a call. This is different from Wi-Fi Calling which requires the said device to be connected to a Wi-Fi network to make internet browsing possible.

There have been numerous instances of many iPhone X and iPhone 8 owners reporting that VoLTE/Calling Plus is working for them. This points to Sprint testing VoLTE/Calling Plus support on the iPhones for a possible future release, though at the moment there is no official word from the Now Network on when the feature would go live.

Thanks for the tip, Matthew Rodriguez!

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