Two Activist Shareholders of Apple Urge the Company to Study the Effects of iPhone Overuse on Kids’ Mental Health

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Apple Inc. has a lot of investors scattered across various sectors. Jana Partners LLC and the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (Calstrs) are some of the bigger investors who hold $2 billion worth of Apple shares. These two activist groups have jointly raised concern over the effects of iPhone use on the kids’ mental health and are urging Apple to conduct studies and research on the matter.

This is a pertinent issue given that a large number of kids around the world either use an iPhone as their daily driver or have access to it through their family or friends. The two groups jointly sent a letter to Apple asking the company to build effective tools within iOS that would allow parents to control certain aspects of the device, and also asked Apple to conduct studies on the impact that iPhones can have on a child’s mental health.

Here is an excerpt of the letter sent to Apple:

“Apple can play a defining role in signaling to the industry that paying special attention to the health and development of the next generation is both good business and the right thing to do. There is a developing consensus around the world including Silicon Valley that the potential long-term consequences of new technologies need to be factored in at the outset, and no company can outsource that responsibility.”

It is important to note that Apple already has some parental controls built into iPhones. For example, parents can control which apps their kids use. A significantly bolstered effort on this front could go a long way in enhancing Apple’s goodwill in the society. This will also highlight Apple as a company that is genuinely concerned about the future of our planet and take suitable steps accordingly.

[Via The Wall Street Journal]

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