watchOS 5 Concept Images Envision New Watch Faces, Ambient Display, and More

This year, Apple will more than likely announce watchOS 5. Which, hopefully, will introduce plenty of noteworthy features and changes to the wearable operating system.

Matt Birchler has put together a nice collection of concept images for what he believes watchOS 5 could bring to the table. The rundown, which he entitled, “watchOS 5: A Relatively Modest Proposal”, has plenty of images to look at, and he breaks down more than a few of the options he has envisioned therein.

To start, new watchOS faces that are denser than what we’ve got right now, which can show more data points, especially from third-party apps in the Siri watch face. As Birchler puts it, this is the biggest new feature that he wants to see get added to watchOS 5:

“The number one thing I want from watchOS 5 is for third party apps to be able to tap into the Siri watch face. As I mentioned in my watchOS 4 review last year, the Siri watch face is one of the best additions to the Apple Watch last year. It’s one of my most used watch faces, especially when I’m at work and have a ton of items on my calendar. Being able to tilt my wrist and see the next couple events instantly is massively useful.”

Meanwhile, changing the watch faces in general is one key element, too. Birchler puts together what an Ambient Display watch face might look like, so that the Apple Watch in question would always be able to show the time — and not just when you raise your wrist to look at the display. This could be handled by just lighting up the white pixels on the OLED display, showing watch hands and numbers only, as you can see in the image just above.

Birchler has done a nice write-up, and you should definitely check it out through the source link below. He talks about how the Apple Watch should support podcast playback, new ideas for working out and other health-related features, and plenty more.

Our Take

These concept images and write-ups are always fun to look at, because it’s fun to wonder what could be coming down the pipe. Of course, Apple already has its plans in motion, and, while there might be some changes made before the big unveil, for the most part the final build is probably pretty close to being ready to go.

Just how close will Apple’s vision line up with Birchler’s, you think? What do you think of these concept ideas?

[via Matt Birchler]

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