Acoustic Testing Confirms Apple’s Claim of the HomePod Offering Consistent Sound Throughout the Room

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Some of the claims made by Apple in the HomePod marketing materials may seem bold, but a new report seems to confirm that most of it is accurate. The folks at Fast Company recently tested the audio performance of the HomePod in detail to understand how well it will hold up against the competition.

One of Apple’s popular claims is that the HomePod offers consistent sound throughout the room regardless of your positioning. This was tested by setting up the HomePod at a height of 30 feet on a table, with a wall on its background, while a white noise audio test was played. This audio track has the same decibel count throughout the frequency spectrum, making it an effective tool in measuring consistency of sound.

The testing was done by┬áNTi Audio AG, who found that the average variance in sound was less than 0.95 decibels. This doesn’t matter much as a variance of under 1 decibel is believed to indistinguishable by the average human ear.

The HomePod is built using a six-microphone arrangement within, which work in tandem with Apple’s own algorithms to adjust the sound and other aspects when it detects the presence of walls and other obstacles. Rivals like the Google Home Max and the Sonos One have often been compared with the HomePod, but one would agree that in terms of overall features and ecosystem support, the HomePod is well ahead of the competition.

[Via Fast Company]

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