Apple Once Again Hikes iPhone Prices in India Following Increase in Custom Duty

iPhone 6 Launch India

The iPhone X was already pretty expensive in India when it was first launched. Due to a hike in import taxes, Apple was forced to further increase the price of the handset in the country a couple of months after launch. Now, Apple has once again increased the price of the iPhone X and other iPhones in its lineup due to an increase in import taxes by the Indian government.

The iPhone X launched at Rs 89,000 in India before a price hike in December led to it costing Rs 92,430. Now, after the Indian government’s decision to increase custom duty on mobile phones from 15 percent to 20 percent, the iPhone X now carries a price tag of Rs 95,390 ($1490). The 256GB variant now carries an MRP of Rs 1,08,930 ($1700). With a starting price tag of almost $1500, the iPhone X is almost 50 percent more expensive than what it costs in the United States.

Other Apple products have also seen an increase in their price. The iPhone 8 (64GB) now carries a price tag of Rs 67,940, while the 256GB variant of the phone will now set you back by Rs 81,500. As for the iPhone 8 Plus, it now comes in at Rs 77,560 and Rs 91,110.

Older iPhones like the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6/6s have also seen a similar hike in their prices. The 32GB iPhone 7 is now available for Rs 52,370 — up from Rs 50,810, while the iPhone 7 Plus now starts at Rs 62,840 whereas it used to cost Rs 70,180 previously. The iPhone 6 now carries an MRP of Rs 31,900, while the iPhone 6s is now priced at Rs 42,900.

The Apple Watch Series 3 lineup has also seen a price hike with its prices now starting from Rs 32,380 compared to the previous price tag of Rs 29,900.

The iPhone SE is the only handset that has not received any price hike and continues to carry an MRP of Rs 26,000. This is due to Apple assembling the handset locally in India which is why it is exempt from custom duties.

Do remember that the prices mentioned above are the official MRPs of the said handsets. You can easily find them at a lower price through cashback and other offers on major online shopping websites like Flipkart and Amazin.

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