Apple HomePod Teardown Reveals Hidden 14-Pin Connector and 16GB Storage

With the HomePod now on sale, it has promptly received the teardown treatment revealing its complete innards. The teardown reveals some interesting tidbits about the smart speaker from Apple which is being praised by everyone for its fantastic sound quality.

An X-ray before the teardown shows the HomePod packing some seriously huge magnets. Prying open the base cover after an extensive use of the heat gun gives one access to a 14-pin port which is probably used for diagnostic and programming purposes by Apple. If there’s one thing that is clear from the teardown, it is that getting access to the internals of the HomePod is not an easy task. The folks over at iFixit had to cut through the exterior fabric for the teardown and even use a hacksaw at one point, though they do admit that there might be a better way that they are yet to discover.

The teardown reveals the secret behind the HomePod’s excellent bass despite its diminutive size. Apple increased the travel distance of the voice coil by using a bigger magnet. This ensured that in spite of its small size, the woofer is able to move enough air to deliver quality bass. Then, the innards also reveal the HomePod comes with 1GB RAM and 16GB of internal storage. Unlike other smart speakers in the market, the HomePod comes with a built-in power supply, though it also features a non-removable power cable. Amazon’s Echo and Google Home speakers feature a removable power cable but also make use of a power adapter.

Overall, the iFixit team says that the HomePod is built like a tank and its durability should not be an issue. On the flip side, since Apple has used some strong adhesives to secure the various parts of the HomePod into place, getting inside the smart speaker is a huge challenge. As of now, there is no way you can get inside a HomePod without destroying it completely. Unsurprisingly thus, the HomePod scored a repairability score of 1 out of 10.

[Via iFixit]