Apple Publishes Three New iPhone Photography Tutorials

It has not been long since Apple published tutorial videos to its official YouTube channel, but the company is back at it again.

Apple has officially uploaded three new tutorial videos, each of which is primed to tell folks how to better handle photography on their iPhone. Each of the three new videos is just over 30 seconds in length, so they are, as usual, quick and to the point. You can find each one embedded below.

The first of the bunch is entitled, “How to adjust slo-mo timing on iPhone”, and Apple describes it as such:

“Choose the perfect points for your slo-mo footage to start and stop.”

Here is the video:

The second of the three is entitled, “How to shoot an overhead on iPhone”. Here is Apple’s brief description of the video:

“Make your overhead shot stand out by using the Level feature.”

And the video 33-second video:

Finally, the last video is called “How to shoot in black & white on iPhone”. Apple describes it as such:

“Turn on a filter before you shoot to capture a great black-and-white photo.”

And here’s the video:

The last tutorial videos that Apple published were focused on selfies and Live Photos, so it’s good to see Apple expanding the appeal to other camera features.

Our Take

These tutorial videos appear to get a lot of traction for the company, so it’s good that they are short and to the point. Helping folks get the best out of their iPhone camera is certainly a good thing.

[via Apple]