Apple Maps Transit Info Now Available in Tucson, Arizona

Throughout 2017, Apple was adding new locations covered by transit information on a semi-regular basis, and while 2018 has been relatively quiet so far, the initiative hasn’t died down completely.

At the time of publication, Apple hasn’t updated its official page that outlines where transit information is available within Apple Maps, but MacRumors was first to report the feature is now live in Tucson, Arizona. As per the report, folks living or visiting Tucson can now use Apple Maps to get public transportation information, including the SunTran bus line.

Amtrak has been supported for quite some time, and that information is still available in Apple Maps, too.

The last batch of updates that included any cities in Arizona was back in October of last year, when Apple officially added support for transit information within Apple Maps to Phoenix, Arizona, the state’s capital.

Apple introduced transit data in Apple Maps back with the launch of iOS 9, and, since then, the company has been rolling out coverage support for new cities all across the globe. The expansion was going along quite nicely throughout 2017, but near the end of the year the updates slowed down. This update to include Tucson is the first transit-related update to Apple Maps since 2018 kicked off.

Our Take

Apple Maps has improved quite a bit since its debut all those years ago. This writer can say that, usually, he opts to use Apple’s first-party option than use something like Google Maps. The rollout of transit information support has to start happening a bit faster, though, as this is certainly one feature that Apple trails behind the competition.

Does Apple Maps offer transit information where you live?

[via MacRumors]

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