Apple Music Could Surpass Spotify’s Subscriber Count in the U.S. This Year

Apple Music

Apple Music has made giant leaps in the music streaming business since it was launched nearly three years ago. This meant that existing streaming services like Spotify had much to worry about. Up until now, however, Spotify was comfortable with its user base and Apple Music posed no real threat to the company. However, that could change this year in the U.S. as per a new report.

The WSJ reported that the growth of Apple Music in the U.S. could leave behind the likes of Spotify. It is said that Spotify’s subscriber count is only growing by 2% in the region whereas Apple Music is growing by 5%.

If this steady growth continues, it doesn’t take a genius to speculate that Apple Music will be well ahead of Spotify by later this year. Apple didn’t publish the subscriber count in the U.S., however.

When we take global numbers into account, Spotify maintains a sizable lead against Apple Music with over 140 million subscribers (including free listeners) on its platform. It has over 70 million paid subscribers globally as of last month, so it’s quite ahead of Apple Music.

But if Apple Music continues to grow in the U.S. market and overshadow Spotify to some extent, the company will no doubt deem this to be an accomplishment, especially given the highly competitive nature of the industry.

Apple has posted its global subscriber count (including the U.S.), which now stands at 36 million worldwide. The company reported to have 30 million Apple Music subscribers in September last year, so the growth has come at a rapid pace.

[Via The Wall Street Journal]