Apple Pay Adds Support for 26 New Banks and Credit Unions in the U.S.

Apple Pay Face ID

There are a lot of banking establishments in the United States, as has been proven by Apple and the fact that it can still add dozens of banks at a time to support Apple Pay.

The latest list was put together by 9to5Mac, and encompasses 26 new banks and credit unions in the United States. As is par for the course at this point, these are routinely smaller establishments, in more regional areas, that are just now adding support for Apple’s mobile payment option.

Here are the new additions:

  • ACIPCO Federal Credit Union
  • Arthur State Bank
  • Bank of Eastern Oregon
  • Blue Federal Credit Union
  • Capital Credit Union
  • Choice One Community Credit Union
  • City Bank
  • Community Powered Federal Credit Union
  • Dedham Savings
  • Delta Bank
  • Education Credit Union
  • First Colorado National Bank
  • First State Bank & Trust Company (MO + NE now)
  • Freedom Bank
  • Glacier Hills Credit Union
  • Helena Community Credit Union
  • LifeStore Bank
  • Lincoln National Bank
  • Oregon Community Bank
  • Ridgewood Savings Bank
  • Southern Pine Credit Union
  • State Bank of Table Rock
  • Sun Community Federal Credit Union
  • Taconnet Federal Credit Union
  • Territorial Savings Bank
  • Utah Federal Credit Union

Apple Pay has seen plenty of adoption since its debut, both on the retail side and from banks and credit unions.

Our Take

This is a symbiotic relationship for Apple, where banks and credit unions are the start, and businesses are the last crucial step. Customers need to have their bank support the mobile payment option, but if retailers in the area don’t, it really doesn’t do them any good. But it’s good to see that adoption continue to expand, especially internationally. Apple Pay will be coming to Brazil “soon”, after plenty of rumors suggesting as much.

[via 9to5Mac]