Apple Pay Cash is Expanding Internationally

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Back in December, Apple officially rolled out Apple Pay Cash –the peer-to-peer payment option– within iOS 11.2.

And in February of this year, Tim Cook confirmed that Apple Pay proper, the company’s mobile payment option, would be rolling out to Brazil at some point in the near future. Now, according to a report from 9to5Mac, it looks like “soon” might be now, as Apple Pay Cash is starting to pop up in some international markets, including Brazil.

Based on the original report, Apple Pay Cash first started showing signs of a rollout in places like Spain and in Ireland, as noted by folks on Twitter:

The Apple Pay Cash option was also showing up in the United Kingdom as well.

When Apple Pay Cash initially launched, it was only available in the United States. Now, it looks like Apple is ready to start offering the service in international markets. It should be noted, at least at the time of publication, that it doesn’t look like Apple Pay Cash supports sending money to a friend or loved one internationally.

In addition, an update to the original article indicates that Apple Pay Cash is also rolling out in Brazil:

Our Take

Apple Pay is a great feature in and of itself, but the inclusion of Apple Pay Cash, which opens up peer-to-peer payment transfers in a quick and easy manner, is definitely a nice bonus. The fact that it lives within the Messages app, too, makes it super simple to use.

Have you tried out Apple Pay Cash yet?

[via 9to5Mac]

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