Apple Retail Stores in China to Start Accepting Payments Through Alipay

Tim Cook in China

Apple will soon start accepting Alipay mobile payment system across its retail stores in China. Alipay is offered by Alibaba, the e-commerce giant of the country. Alipay would become the first third-party mobile payment system to be accepted by Apple at its retail stores worldwide.

Apple already accepts Alipay as a payment system on the iTunes Store, App Store, and its online store in China for over a year. However, post this new announcement from Alibaba, Apple will also be accepting Alipay across its 40+ retail stores in China. Apple also accepts Apple Pay, its own mobile payment service, across its retail stores in China but the response to it has been lukewarm. The Chinese mobile payment segment is dominated by Alipay which commands a lion’s share of the market.

Apple is doubling down on its efforts in China to help regain some of its lost momentum in China. The company is also looking to open its second data center in China located in the Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia. It recently started moving data of Chinese iCloud accounts to a server located in China and operated by a local company.

[Via Reuters]

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