Bryan Fuller Has Abandoned Apple’s ‘Amazing Stories’ Over ‘Creative Differences’

Bryan Fuller is a legendary producer in Hollywood, bringing stories like Hannibal to the small screen, and working on several other projects.

Fuller was named the showrunner for the upcoming Amazing Stories that Apple had picked up back in October of last year. However, as first reported by Hollywood Reporter, that is no longer the case, as Fuller has decided to step away from the project over “creative differences”. Specifically, Apple’s focus on creating “family friendly” content did not jibe with Fuller’s vision of the project, and, as such, he has decided to part ways.

Fuller was developing the project at NBC before it was eventually picked up by Apple, with Steven Spielberg himself attached as an executive producer with the project reboot. He originally planned the new series to be something similar to Black Mirror, an anthology series that runs on Netflix.

The parting of ways between Apple and Fuller is said to be amicable.

“Bryan Fuller, who was poised to helm Apple’s Amazing Stories anthology, has exited the project citing creative differences. The split is said to be amicable. Fuller, who originally developed Amazing Stories for NBC before it moved to Apple with a series pickup, is said to have wanted to do a Black Mirror-type show, which sources say was not something the iPhone maker had in mind.”

strong>Amazing Stories originally ran between 1985 and 1987, and it was a similar conceit to projects like The Outer Limits and The Twilight Zone, insofar that it worked with a different storyline every episode.

Bryan Fuller is a busy creative, but he is also known for leaving projects at one point or another. While he stayed on with the aforementioned Hannibal through its multiple seasons, he did leave projects like American Gods and Star Trek: Discovery.

Our Take

In this writer’s opinion, Fuller is capable of bringing some great content to the screen, but I also don’t get all too excited when I see his name pop up anymore because there’s no guarantee he’ll actually stick around for one reason or another. Unfortunately, that was the case with Amazing Stories, despite the fact he’d been attached for several years already.

That being said, if you’ll recall there was a recent report that J.J. Abrams was shopping around a Sci-Fi drama, and that it was seeing major traction between Apple and HBO. That ultimately went to HBO, and while it would be easy to suggest that Abrams’s relationship with HBO could be the reason for that particular decision, I wouldn’t be surprised if Abrams went with HBO just because he’d have more leverage to make a show that might not be so “family friendly”.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]