Chinese Counterfeiter Made $1.1 Million By Selling Fake iPhones and iPads

iPhone X model number

A Chinese national living in the United States has pleaded guilty to working in a racket that smuggles and sell counterfeit Apple products like the iPhone and iPad. 

The United States Department of Justice has issued a press release regarding this where it has provided details about the matter. The guilty, Jianhua “Jeff” Life, 43, through his company Dream Digitals, worked with other conspirators to smuggle and sell over 40,000 electronic devices and accessories in the United States, which includes iPhones and iPads carrying counterfeit Apple trademarks. He received payments totaling over $1.1 million in lieu of shipping these products to other conspirators located all over the United States.

To avoid being caught by the U.S. customs, Mr. Li used to ship the labels and devices separately.

Further, the documents filed in this case and statements made in court showed that Mr. Li shipped devices separately from the labels bearing counterfeit trademarks for later assembly to avoid detection by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials.  The devices were then shipped to conspirators all over the United States.  Proceeds from the sales of the devices were funneled back to the co-conspirators’ accounts in Florida and New Jersey via structured cash deposits and a portion of the proceeds was then transferred to conspirators in Italy, further disguising the source of the funds.

Mr. Li and his partners, Andreina Becerra, Roberto Volpe, Rosario LaMarca, and others, have all been caught and have pleaded guilty for their actions.

[Via Department of Justice]