Design Experts Claim the HomePod’s White Ring Issue Can Be Rectified Easily

HomePod White Rings

Much has been said about the HomePod’s white ring issue on certain wooden surfaces. But some industrial design experts believe that the issue shouldn’t be hard to solve.

Apple may need to ‘re-tool’ the manufacturing process since silicone is manufactured using a different process than the other kinds of elastomer,” said Gregor Berkowitz, a product development consultant. “If that’s necessary, the process could take anywhere from two weeks to six weeks,” he added.

It is important to note that Sonos One speakers seem to leave similar marks on wooden floors, so the problem is clearly not limited to the HomePod. But with that being said, it behooves Apple to rectify this issue to avoid further embarrassment.

As Berkowitz rightly puts it “This is sitting on a bookshelf. Is it going to work? Or are there going to be problems? A traditional consumer product company or a speaker company or a traditional Hi-Fi company is going to worry about that and think about those problems and have experience with it. This shouldn’t be new for Apple but it is.”

Existing customers can use dedicated coasters available online to avoid staining their wooden floors or furniture. The issue only seems to be affecting a handful of wood types, so not all customers are expected to face this on their HomePod.

[Via Business Insider]

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