Facebook Resolves Dispute with Apple; To Roll out Subscription Tool for iOS from March 1

Facebook will be launching its subscription service tool on iOS beginning March 1. The social networking giant had introduced a way for publishers to sell their subscription to readers directly through Facebook in October last year. However, Apple and Facebook could not strike a deal on this due to which the subscription service was not released for iPhone and iPad users.

Apple was reluctant to allow the service on iOS as Facebook was not providing it with 30 percent of its cut in the deal. The social networking giant, on the other hand, wanted the full subscription money to go to the publishing company. Facebook’s request made sense since it was only redirecting potential subscribers to the publisher’s website, and thus, there was no reason whatsoever for Apple to claim a 30 percent stake in the transaction.

“It’s resolved,” Facebook executive Campbell Brown said in her appearance at Code Media in Huntington Beach, Calif.

Four months later, both companies have resolved their differences which will allow Facebook to start offering subscription service to iPhone and iPad users from March 1. The revelation was made by Facebook’s executive Campbell Brown during the Code Media event. No details were provided on how the issues between the two companies were resolved.

Facebook currently allows its users with access to 10 free articles on subscription-based websites. This will also be reduced to 5 articles on the request of publishers starting from March 1.

[Via Re/code]

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