Can’t Answer Incoming Calls on Your iPhone X Immediately? Here’s How to Fix it

Fix Can't Answer Incoming calls on iPhone X

Some iPhone X users seem to be facing an issue that is preventing them from answering incoming calls immediately due to a delay in the launch of the Phone app.

The video gives a better idea of the incoming call issue that is affecting iPhone X users. Some users are also reporting that the proximity sensor does not work for them properly while they are on a call, with the display failing to turn on when the phone is removed from one’s ears during the call.

It can be quite annoying to face such problems as you expect your $1,000 iPhone X to accomplish the most basic task that even a $10 phone can manage, namely taking an incoming call. Apple has acknowledged the issue and has said that it is investigating the issue. But in some cases, the issue can be resolved using some simple troubleshooting tips which we will explain below.

Here are some tips to fix the iPhone X incoming call issue:

#1. Update to the latest iOS Software update

If you haven’t done so already, update your iPhone X to the latest iOS software update. If you need help, check our step-by-step guide:

#2. Force Restart

Like all tech problems, there is no harm in starting off by force restarting your iPhone X.

Please note that if you’ve used an iPhone before then the method of force rebooting iPhone X has changed. So pressing the Power/Sleep or Wake button won’t work.

Follow these steps to force restart iPhone X.

  • Quickly press and release the Volume Up button.
  • Quickly press and release the Volume Down button.
  • Press and hold the Side button (Sleep/Wake button) till you see the Apple logo.
iPhone X Hard Reset Buttons


#3. Reset Network Settings

You can also try resetting network settings. Resetting these settings flushes caches and clears DHCP settings and other networking related info. To reset network settings, open the Settings app and navigate to Settings > General > Reset and tap on Reset Network Settings.

reset network

#4. Restore and Setup as new iPhone

If none of these tips fix your issues, the last resort is to restore your iPhone X and set it up as a new device if you had restored the back up from your old iPhone while setting up your iPhone X. This way, you start afresh and get rid of possibly problematic customizations and settings on your device. Follow the instructions in the post linked below to do a clean restore to the latest version of iOS via iTunes.

➤ How to restore your iPhone X with iTunes

#5. Make a Genius Bar Appointment

Even after performing all these steps, you’re still having problems, then you might want to visit your nearest Apple Store to know of any possible hardware related issues.

If you live in a country where you can schedule an appointment at the Genius Bar or at an authorized Apple service center, this is what you should do. You could just show up at an Apple Store or an authorized service center but then you might end up waiting for hours at end. Visit Apple’s Contact Support page to book an appointment.

Let us know in the comments if you faced the incoming call issue on your iPhone X, and if so, were you able to fix the issues with these tips.