Flipboard CEO Calls out Apple News for ‘Living in the Past’

Apple News

Flipboard is a content curation service that offers reading material from a wide range of sources, used by nearly 100 million readers. Its main rival in the industry is an offering like Apple News which comes by default on iOS 9+ devices, replacing Newsstand. Apple News has 70 million monthly readers, venturing close to Flipboard’s figures.

Keeping this in mind, it’s understandable if the CEO and co-founder of Flipboard, Mike McCue, doesn’t have nice things to say about Apple News. Speaking at the Code Media event, McCue called out Apple for its seemingly non-human approach towards news curation.

McCue said – “Apple News as a product is living in the past. There’s no social sharing capability, no curation happening — it’s algorithmic,” going on to say that it puts on additional pressure on the publishers to adopt a new platform.

McCue also had something to say about how Apple handles ad choices, which he claims are in contrast with Flipboard’s own publisher-friendly ad policies allowing them to get sufficient ad revenue by directing readers to their website.

Apple News, on the other hand, keeps users within the app in an ad-free experience. However, Apple News lets publishers keep 70% of the revenue from iAds sold by Apple, and 100% of the ad revenue generated on their website. Another advantage Apple has over contemporaries is that it allows publishers to create specific layouts tailored for their audiences.

Apple’s offering came under fire recently when it sent out innumerable notifications at a time for one particular story. The news article was published by CNN, which has mentioned that it had nothing to do with the bug, pointing blame towards Apple News.

[Via Recode]

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