HomePod Officially Goes on Sale in Australia

HomePod Features 3

Customers in Australia are reporting that they have started receiving their HomePods. Today is official launch day for Apple’s HomePod which is available only in the U.S., UK, and Australia.

Apple Stores in Australia are also open, so customers who had placed orders for in-store pickup can also get their HomePods. Retail stores are also expected to have enough stock so customers can buy HomePods by walking in to Apple Stores.

The deliveries and sales of HomePod should kick off in the UK followed by the US in a few hours as well. Apple Stores are expected to open at 8:00 am to allow customers to buy HomePods.

Customers have been sharing their excitement and initial impressions on Twitter:

Raj who writes for Reckoner AU seems impressed by the sound quality, and surprised by how good Siri is at getting the music he wants, but also notes that Siri is “consistently bad” at everything else:

The HomePod ships in 1 business day in the U.S. and UK if you purchase it on Apple’s Online Store, and will ship only next week in Australia. It costs $349 in the US, £319.00 in the UK and A$499.00 in Australia.

We will update the post as soon as it goes on sale in the UK and the US, along with the first impressions from customers and our readers.

Did you place a pre-order for Apple’s HomePod? Have you received it yet? It would be great if you could share the pictures and your initial impressions in the comments below.